Aaron Kruk

MA Student in Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

609 Curtin Hall

3243 N Downer Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53211

I am currently pursuing an MA in philosophy in preparation for PhD study. Prior to this, I earned an AB in philosophy within the Mind, Brain and Behavior track at Harvard University.

My primary research interests are in philosophy of science, particularly physics, but I'm happy to discuss topics in metaethics, metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of language as well. This website is currently under construction but will serve as a centralized source for my works in progress, future publications and any other relevant academic work.

I'm currently working on my master's thesis in which I argue that incompatibilism about chance and determinism decisively favors non-Humeanism about laws over Humean alternatives. If you have interest in reading a draft, please email me.